Staying Home

Never did I ever imagine this scenario.  Chemotherapy accompanied by a worldwide pandemic.  I’m sure I asked the questions everyone asked themselves, what does this mean for me? As we learned more it became clear, I would be staying home for a while. My body is using everything it has to allow the chemotherapy to do its job. The feelings of navigating cancer treatment and the COVID-19 threat are intimidating.  Here I am juggling both, learning from both. I think staying home is saving my life in more ways than one. It’s interesting what happens when you are forced to totally stop. This is something I believe we all now understand together.

Has there ever been a time in history when we have aligned ourselves to collectively accomplish a goal?  The goal – don’t get sick, protect your loved ones, protect strangers, protect. Life has stopped so we can protect.  Do we all feel what staying home is actually doing for us?  It’s uniting us. This pandemic is causing us to step outside the box to think differently, to act differently.  Its impact is global as it brings all walks of life, all races together to do what we can to overcome.

For once we understand one another, we are each making choices to protect one another. We are staying home together. We are realizing our capacity when faced with a new and extremely challenging situation.  People who would normally polarize and separate from one another are working together.  All for one purpose; to preserve life.

This is the ultimate opportunity to usher in a better way of being and a better way of doing for each and every one of us.

Are we brave and bold enough to change our behavior when we aren’t staying home any longer, when 24/7 opens up to us again? My prayer is we don’t go back to how it used to be. We can get stuck wishing everything to be the same. 

I don’t think we should wish for the same, I think we should wish for better.

 Better families, better citizens, better friends, better co-workers.  Just better by being more innovative and creative in our approach to life.  What we are fighting against is scary but it will be over.  When it’s over, then what? I hope our ‘then what’ is a more thoughtful, more intentional approach to each and every day.

I have thought about all the families that are affected and I want you to know my heart beats for you. It beats for you because what you are doing and what you are building is more important than most things in life.  My hope for you is that you feel the sacredness of what you are building and you resolve to fight for your family. Fight for time together, meals together, games together, projects together, just being together more.  

Parents, when we are at the end of this and so many other things are calling for your attention, fight for your family.

I hope we have more awareness of continuing this attitude of unity. I hope it helps us see time as a valuable resource and give our time to things that are worthy of it, not wasteful of it.

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